How to check your Inbox Placement?

To determine where to place your inbox message using our Email Deliverability tool, you may follow the steps below.

  1. After creating an account on Bounceless, you can access the Inbox Placement feature page.
  2. Retrieve the seed email list upon clicking Copy or by clicking Export. To use the Seed email list, click Copy or download as CSV to download the Seed email list to my computer.
  3. Email your test email to the seed email list, in your email client like Gmail, Outlook, or on your email marketing platform like MailChimp or mailGun.
  4. When your email message arrives, return to the Inbox Placement page on our website and click “Check” to start testing. We will send your test email to the seed email list, and we will send you an Inbox Placement report soon after.

The report will present you with the total of emails sent to an inbox, the messages marked as spam, and the total not delivered.

  • The inbox placement in the window of your email's inbox for every email server provider from Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, etc.

  • An accurate percentage of your email deliverability; accuracy for your email delivery.

  • Whether your message is accepted by the authentication standards -DKIM, DMARK and SPF.

  • Additional information about your SpamAssassin score.