Omnivore is an abuse prevention program on MailChimp used to reduce suspicious activity mostly coming from lists of subscribers containing a large quantity of bad quality emails.

It makes marketing campaign in general more qualitative but it might block you from sending out content to your audience. 

What is Omnivore?

Omnivore acts like a filter on MailChimp and scans every email list uploaded to the system. It uses an artificial intelligence to find email addresses triggering complaints (bounce, blacklisting). 

What triggers an Omnivore warning?

MailChimp has defined the elements of an email list that will trigger an Omnivore warning, including stale email addresses, unfamiliar email addresses and spam traps.

What to do when you receive an Omnivore warning.

Don’t ignore the warning! It won’t just go away and you won’t be able to resume your email campaign until it’s addressed.

How Bounceless will help you with an Omnivore issue? 

Using Bounceless will prevent you from having Omnivore warning by verifying your list of emails. Omnivore's artificial intelligence behaviour will vary from account to account. We currently have a success rate of 80% on average on warning disappearance.

Bounceless suggestion.

We encounter a very large number of users having this issue, from experience it goes away in most of the cases. If MailChimp still block you from sending out your campaign after having successfully verified your list, contact their team to clarify your issue and what you did to solve it. 

You can verify your list of subscribers from MailChimp on Bounceless using the direct integration, if you want to know more please read this article

To learn more about Omnivore warning issue please visit this article on our Blog. 

For any particular issue or question, do not hesitate to contact our support team via the chat support. 

Important: Please note that we do not guarantee 100% success on solving the Omnivore warning issue. If the warning still shows up, you will have to contact MailChimp personally.