Understanding Results Codes


The IP address associated with the email server is blacklisted and therefore may not be able to send or receive emails. 


The email address is associated with a domain that accepts all emails, regardless of whether or not they exist. This could potentially result in a high bounce rate for email campaigns.


The email address is a temporary, disposable email address that is often used for spam or fraudulent activities.


The email address is disabled or does not exist.


The domain associated with the email address does not have any MX (Mail Exchange) records, which means the domain cannot receive emails.

  • ROLE

The email address is a role-based email address, such as "info@", "support@", etc. These email addresses are often managed by multiple people and may not be the best way to reach a specific individual.


The email server did not respond within the allotted time limit for email verification.


The verification result is unknown or could not be determined.


The email address is valid and can receive emails.


The email address is a known spam trap, which is an email address that is used to catch spammers and senders of unsolicited emails. Sending emails to spam traps can harm your email sender reputation and result in blacklisting.